in every person's life there comes a point when we have to sacrifice one thing for another.although it might hurt, but we have to make a choice.and i choose DJ TIESTO!haha!march 31 will be another night of ecstasy and bliss to all you ravers out there..yes, i mean YOU!dj tiesto will set the PICC grounds on fire.but the set back here is Hed Kendi will be hitting manila on the same date at the world trade center.why do they have to set it on the same freakin' date?grrr!anyway..ive made my choice and i believe it's the best one.i just hope my boss would grant my request for an off on april 1.a girl has to rest after a night of late-night partying, don't you think?which reminds me to request for another off on may 27 for CHICANE!aarrrgghhh!

now don't get me wrong's not as if all i think about is partying and i don't take my work seriously.i do indulge myself into other s565912751dsc_630313_1__1tuffs too you'll try to get back to you on this some other time, ayt?for the meantime..PARTY ON!!!

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im the latest addition to the James Patterson fans club.blame it on my sister.she adores the guy, practically worships him.can't stop buying his books.but its good though, im using it to my now currently reading HONEYMOON.and no ,it's not a love story!most people think otherwise.for the record,i don't read love stories.ive been through that stage when i was in puberty and it stays there.the book i can't get my eyes off right now is apparently the 2005 international thriller of the obviously, it's something most of us will love.ive read the first of his 3-book series, entitled 1st to die.its a killer.metaphorically speaking.i have yet to read the 2nd and 3rd books though.

and of course, i can't get pass not talking about my new hair cut.well its not so new anymore, i had it done last month.but still, i didn't get a chance to blab about it.actually i like it.i love it.the rest of the world could say they like my old look better, but i love my hair short!but then thank goodness the rest of the world loves my new look as much as i's more modern.more hip.more ME.

and i recently watched this really cool movie..and by cool i mean's nominated for best picture in the oscars, no wonder.but it never really was shown here in the you have to rent it.or buy yourself a pirated cd if your'e into's all about racial discrimination.and how the lives of about 10 people would really see the different sides of every person..empathize with them, hate them, love them, whatever.have you ever felt your stomach churn as you watch an intense movie?well you'll definitely feel it here.

and oh!i heard chicane will hit manila this year!now that's something all of us should watch out for..

reality check

reality check

okay, so things are not always what they seem.hell,im not always what i not the person you talk about, im not the person i think i one knows who i am, not even me.yes, your'e talking to a true not going to be righteous..because im seldom not going to be preachy..who am i to talk? so im gonna be brutal.

i went to a diner today to buy myself lunch and i saw my classmate from high school scrubbing the toilet.i was glad to see think that a fellow bacolodnon is in manila..but was shocked what he's doing that for a living.we recognized each other and had a quick chat.he still carried that smile he had since school.and it hit me, not everyone could be like him.i salute him for taking pride in his work and in himself.i left the diner feeling guilty..why i didn't talk to him even more?why i didn't ask how he got here?and why for a split second i questioned his way of life?

and weird thoughts rushed my mind.when were we given the right to judge a person?when were we given the right to talk about another or to think bad thoughts about a person?when were we given the right to hurt a person and be total assholes?

i had the time of my life in high school.St Joseph's High School made me humble..down to earth..honest and a better person because of being i wasn't an excellent student, so i committed truancy, cheating and even caught of bringing porn.but that's all part of me.okay, so i over-did in being a rebel child, but i learned from it.i was surrounded by friends that wouldn't turn me down, that wouldn't call me ugly because i had ugly teeth (thanks to the power of braces), friends that wouldn't judge me by the way i dress up or what model my car is.we would hang out in a shabby shack every after class and cook chicken mami, smoke cigs and drink tanduay with coke as our chaser.where the hell did you think i learn to love alcohol?these are my friends that never left me through thick and thin..these are my real friends..these are the real people.

When i got in La Salle on the otherhand, it was an entirely different ball one is real.pardon my french, but La Salle population is 90% assholes.for the true-blooded La Sallians out there, im not talking about the education, im not talking about all La Salle schools, im not talking about the school per se.La Salle is La Salle.It's prestigious, it's grand.don't get me wrong, im honored to be a La Salle graduate.but to be a part of the pretentious, self-righteous, discriminating haunts me.aside from learning my algebra, table skirting and bartending from that school, i learned something else.i learned that every person should please everyone, whatever it may cost them.

my first year of college, first semester, i never gave a damn.i didn't know anyone.i didn't know how IT works.but then i noticed that they gave a damn.that they think they know how it works.they cared about how i look..they'd talk about how i walk and dress up..they'd see my every move.pass by the coliseum for a second and your'e the talk of the town.La Sallites, you know what im talking about.but what did i care?i was only 16..wearing a mini skirt, tretorn sneakers and a bandana on my head (it use to be a fad then).i didn't know me wearing a skirt would bother them.i didn't know i'd be branded as daring.i didn't know where i went to high school would be a big mom was in service for La Salle for almost 25 years and me going to La Salle for high school is totally free.but why didn't i go there?for the simple reason that i didn't want to be with THEM.but then, i didn't know i'd still have to face them in college.and so it started..i was conscious of what i wear, i was conscious of what they'd say, i was conscious of what they'd percieve of me.everything followed like a domino effect.suddenly i was hanging out with four of the prettiest faces in school, sipping on our coffees in cafe bobs, dissing every person within the vicinity that doesn't please our became sort of an entertainment for us, and to most people.and to think of it now, im ashamed of myself.that person i dissed could be my friend in high school, that person i laughed at could be better than me in the future.

it's easy to discriminate, but it's not easy to be discriminated.i've been there.then came a point in my life that i was the one dissed..criticized.first and foremost, beauty is not a gift, its a curse.but i would like to state for the record that i don't think im the prettiest girl i know, that would be my bestfriend not also going to claim that im the smartest person i know, that would be my sister vina.i know i have an awkwardly big nose, a flabby tummy, i sometimes stammer when i talk.but hell, i have perfect skin, great smile, gorgeous legs and i can write!who cares about my flaws?!haha!but let's face it, women with beauty have to prove themselves twice as much.because it's common knowledge that women that have beauty can't have brains..that women that have beauty can't be kind and humble..and worse is if your'e a woman of beauty but don't have enough riches, that you can't be with someone of better stature because you'd only be a gold digging, is this fair?i can talk about all this and not be afraid of what you might think.4 years in college and ive been afraid of what people might think or say about me.well, that has to stop.

im debbie oca and im a flight attendant.i enjoy going out to clubs and drink kurant 7.i enjoy rave parties and drink water.i enjoy shopping at top shop and people are people.i enjoy eating at cibo, italiannis and fish&co.i love pearl farm and to jet ski.i love starbucks' coffee jelly.i love roadtrips to tagaytay and have a massage at sonya's garden and dinner at leslie' debbie oca and i love the luxuries of life.

im debbie oca and i spent 4 wonderful years of my high school life in St Joseph's.i love watching Sharon Cuneta flicks.i enjoy eating tuyo especially on rainy days.i still love tanduay and camel cigs (if only i still smoke).i like scavenging through ukay-ukays and bargain stores.i prefer dirty ice creams than the commercialized ones.i feel comfortable wearing an over-sized shirt and house shorts to go out to SM Manila and eat my 30pesos worth of debbie oca and im not afraid to admit who i am.Grt_3



Jester_s1_1 i woke up this morning with a familiar headache.HANG OVER.3 empty bottles of red and white wines were abandoned outside our room.i knew i drink a lot, but i didn't know i drink A LOT!but of course, all that with the help of my ever-dependable bestfriend, April.somethings never change, and im glad.after 6 years of friendship..a friendship that was tested through time and gossips and scandals and bullshits..April and i could just sit alone in a dark room, sip on whatever alcohol we could get hold of, and talk.alcohol-induced conversations are the's fun, it's honest, it's soon as the amats kicked in, words just spilled out of our far as i can remember, it was the first time me and my girl actually talked..talked from the heart that inhibitions.we learned so much from each other that night.and it wasn't just the alcohol was something was something that've been waiting to be felt good to actually say all those things and to hear all those things.indeed, alcohol have its advantages.

as i was trying to go back to bed to catch up with some sleep,i heard the door of our neighbor then struck me.damn!i stashed all our trash under their door mat!haha!well, if they weren't so snotty in the first place, i wouldn't have trashed their doorstep.freakin' teenagers.

LAW # 1: Never mess with me.

LAW # 1 SECTION 1: Never drink too much or you'll end up doing crazy things!

I wish

I wish

11268571661791s Rollin' through the hood
Just stopped by to say what's up
Came to let you know
That your baby girl ain't doing so tough
And even though you passed
Going on four long years
Still waking up late at night crying tears
Just thinking about those days
You used to talk to me
Smilin' while I'm sippin' on this Hennesy
And remember we bragged on how rich we would be
To get up out this hood was like a fantasy

And now you hear my songs the radio is bangin'
Oh I can't believe my ears
And what everybody's sayin'
And boy I'll tell you
Folks don't know the half
I would give it all up
Just to take one ride

With you
How I used to kick it on the front porch
With you
And how I used to lay back and smoke weed
With you
And all the little days and party joints we'd do
Now I'm just missing you
How I wish

I wish that I could hold you now
I wish that I could touch you now
I wish that I could talk to you
Be with you somehow
I know you're in a better place
And you know I can see your face
I know you're smiling down on me
Saying everything's okay
And if I never leave this thug life
I'll see you again someday